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15% of sales is being donated to OpSAFE, an organization
that protects children from the impact of traumatic events.

Here’s the thing — there are fundamental skills that you can learn right now, in the first year of parenthood that will truly enrich parenting for the rest of your life. (Remember - this is the one job you never retire from!)

Also - you might be a little afraid you don’t have what it takes to be the best mom or dad, but listen. Just being on this website means you already are. You’re taking steps quite intentionally to create the best life for your child, and I am HERE for it!



Deep insights on this new phase of life (we dig deeper than the PDF you just downloaded)
The two all-important skills for you to use that will help you and your baby during this first year
Reflective questions, real-time journal prompts, to personalize your understanding
Additional resources I handpicked for this specific phase of parenthood
Supplemental tips, stories, and information sent via email to expand on the baby phase

15% of sales is being donated to OpSAFE, an organization
that protects children from the impact of traumatic events.

“It’s very straightforward and has easily
followable steps. It also is content rich!
I’m excited to begin to apply it.”

Joy C. - Mom of 3

benefits of the
interactive baby booklet

  • Forever Skills

    These are skills parents will use forever.

  • Real Time Reflection Opportunity

    These booklets include built-in interactive functionality to allow you to jot down your thoughts as you read. Guides you to target what you want to alter in your parenting experience for unlocking YOUR child’s brilliance.

  • Resources

    Includes links to resources about common concerns parents have during this first year, not to mention the links to articles if you are in a ‘read more’ mood.

  • Email series

    You receive access to a bonus email series with more information and guidance about the developmental phase, the booklet, insights and what-to-do-if tips.

  • Customization of skills

    Your answers to the reflective questions bring you to your specific next steps for your situation.

  • Your children learn

    It’s generally known that our children mimic us. When you are using these skills, along with activating their brilliance, they are picking up methods and the feel of empathy, empowerment, independence, responsibility, building trust, self-awareness, the joy of their strengths. You could say they are learning about well-beingness.


15% of sales is being donated to OpSAFE, an organization
that protects children from the impact of traumatic events.


Natasha Solovieff

Natasha Solovieff has been looking into the faces of babies, parents, and grandparents for over 20 years in her work as a clinical and public health nurse. She has felt the joys, hopes, disappointments, traumas, grief, fears, concerns, and love of parents and children. She has heard their thoughts, their expectations, their laughter and their struggles. She has witnessed their actions and the effects of those actions and has interacted with the myriad of professionals who weave in and out of family life.


As a parent, she has a great appreciation for the range of experience that exists within and between each parent and child. It’s from these experiences she has created OMG Parenting. The mission of OMG Parenting is to help parents in better understanding, communicating with, and finding joy in their children.